Video Archive: The Invisible – Musical Postcard

This video from my work archive is the Musical Postcard featuring the Mercury nominated The Invisible. Songs performed are “OK” and “The Stain”, both in a very import manner with rhythm generated from whatever we could find lying around upstairs in London’s Old Blue Last. There’s a short interview in between the tracks, one of the few that I included a cut in, largely due to an interjection from another attendee at this session – it kinda didn’t fit in with my relaxed approach to interviewing.

About the musical postcards series
The Musical Postcards series was born from the idea of wanting to do a very stripped back performance podcast; bands performing acoustically in a public-ish space, no microphones for pro-audio production, no multi-takes for multiple angles, just a performance as nature intended you to hear it.

I pitched it to Mark – my collaborator in crime up in Glasgow – and made a demo with the forever incredible Sky Larkin. Clash joined in and gladly gave the publishing platform. It’s been a few years since these all went up and presuming them lost somewhere in the archives on other sites, I’m now bringing them to the fore and placing them on my site for the first time. There are some gems to come.