My Top Ten Movies of 2012

Without reasons and minimal descriptions (because you’ve heard everything you need to about these films a thousand times already), here’s a list of my top ten movies released in the UK during 2012. The choices are likely to change on the page in time as I see more movies, but this is how it stands at the end of those twelve months.

My Top Ten Films of 2012

1. The Raid
Reinventive. Gripping. Thumping. Kinetic. Balletic with violence. Most entertaining of 2012.

2. Martha Marcy May Marlene
Haunting. Smart. Cult. Behaviour. What is ‘normality’?

3. Liberal Arts
Books. Music. Arts. Relationships. Curiosity. Crushes. Self-discovery. Everyone has something to teach. Everyone has something to learn.

4.Berberian Sound Studio
Watermelons. Horror through sound. Descent to Madness. Forces the darkness of your imagination, forces you to scare yourself. Paranoid. Compelling.

5. Moonrise Kingdom
Delightful. Precise… to the millimetre.

6. Argo
Gripping. Dramatic. Interesting. Argo-f***-yourself. CRANSTON.

7. The Avengers (none of this ‘Assemble’ nonsense)
HULK SMASH. PUNY GOD. Beat after beat of action-comedy… com-tion lets say. Perfection in its genre.

8. Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
Astonishing. ROCKING. Touching. Creativity is life-affirming.

9. Silver Linings Playbook
Almost drama. Almost Rom-Com. Entertaining and uplifting. Great performances.

10. The Muppets
Joyful. Innocent. Happy. Positive. Funny Funny FUNNY. Fart Shoes.

Notable applause for my two favourite surprises of the year; DREDD and PITCH PERFECT.