Oh Hai, blog!

Blimey. It’s been more than two years since I posted on my old wordpress. I suppose I had nothing to say in that time. Maybe I’ve been hard working on other things. The truth is it just fell by the wayside; I wasn’t working on any freelance projects, had removed most of my work from the web to stop it being stolen and was putting more effort into those around me in the real world. I haven’t exactly missed posting online.

But things come round in circles. I’ve exported my old blog posts into this new space (but deleted some of the utter trash, mind) and am planning on starting to write, make and post content again. I’ve some reviews lined up and am playing with a few visual ideas on presenting and adding them to the huge amount of noise online. Oh! And behind this blog page I’m working on republishing a lot of my archive along with an online store. That’s not ready yet, so for now, welcome back to my rambles.

To thank you for reading through this rubbish, here’s a video that made me laugh this afternoon.