Well that was fun! An update on Touch the Frog Chari-tee

What a fun adventure that was. I never expected to make more than the tees for myself and the gift for Adam Hills. After his tweet I spent some time mulling over whether to embark on the project for charity. I’m so glad I did. First up, some thanks.

Dark Bunny Tees did all the screen printing for me on this and provided plenty of advice. I wear their designs regularly, so I’m stoked that they agreed to help. If you’re into films and tv then please check their store for some products that will fill your heart with joy.

Obviously Adam Hills for inspiring my drawing with the Happyism routine (a DVD I watch whenever I need a cheer up) and for sharing out tweets with links to the shop.

And finally to everyone who bought a shirt. I hope you enjoy the product! I seriously hope that one day I’ll bump into some of you wearing it.

Projects like this do take up time to arrange. There are hurdles, unexpected costs (PayPal I’m looking at you) and worries that I won’t go into. At the end of this I’ve exchanged messages with some truly lovely people; from those that offered to pay for the mailing of size swaps to one very generous soul who sent back one shirt from their order and didn’t want a refund as it was for charity. It’s always nice to be reminded what you already know, the world is full of wonderful people.

I’ve still got five shirts remaining (across Small and Large). I’ve closed the store as I can’t let this go on forever, I want to make the donation and close the accounts. If you’ve come across this and want one, contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.

I’m so pleased to share that this has raised £550 for two amazing cancer charities. The proof of donations is below. Maggies build centres at hospitals across the UK. Those undergoing treatments and their families can drop in at any time for a break for a change of scenery, a cuppa, a chat. More than that they help and advise families and friends. Macmillan Cancer Support are more well known to the British public. Their work is also priceless.

And with that I say, thanks for your support and remember, whenever you hit a brick wall or obstacle, take a deep breath and touch the ******* frog.

Maggies donationMacmillan Donation






Want one of the remaining tees? Use this form to contact me.