How to make a Hamilton Musical #hamiltree star to top your Christmas tree (request)

I posted a work in progress of a new star for my Christmas tree star (which is themed by the show “Hamilton” – I’m ever so mildly obsessed with it) on twitter last week and got several requests to “make and sell them”. Obviously, I can’t do that. But as the build is deceptively simple I said I’d attempt to write a guide as to how I did it to aid other people’s creations. I’ve tried to detail this below.

What you’ll need



  1. Start by downloading and printing the Hamilton logo to the size of your choice.
  2. Cut out the logo and use a few strips of tape to stick it to the cardboard. Cut again around the logo. Carefully cut out the area between the legs.
  3. Make a loop to stick on the back. This loop will allow the top of the tree to be threaded through, keeping your Hamilton star on top. Cut a strip of cardboard slightly longer than the width of the middle of the star. You’ll need to fold a rough loop through the middle.
  4. Tape the loop to the back. Cut two small pieces of tape and roll each up so they’re sticky on both sides. Use this to position the loop in place on the far left and right along the middle of the star.
  5. Cut the ends of the loop that are sticking out from one end (see the red lines). Apply new sticky tape from the front, folded round to the back, to keep in place. Repeat the process for the other side.
  6. On the front of the star apply tape in straight lines all over. Wrap the excess over to the back – this looks messy and odd but creates an area for the LEDs to diffuse light into at the end.Also place tape around the pointing Hamilton. Again, there’s tape over the gap in-between the legs for light diffusion.I placed some extra tape around the hand and arm to give it some extra strength. I repeat, this looks really odd, but will look great when finished.
  7. Get the paint flowing from your pen on some scrap paper. Carefully paint over the tape to colour in the logo. This is just to give some colour during the daytime. Painting over the tape gives some shine and texture. Allow it to dry.
  8. The final stage is to blu tack the LED’s to the back. This is hit and miss. It took me a few attempts to get right as it’s fiddly. I ended up tacking loops of cable too so that it couldn’t be seen from the front. You won’t need all 20 LEDS, I’ve highlighted where I put them in the diagram below along with a photo showing how messy it looks! Use plenty of blu tack under and over the LEDs. No one will see it!
  9. Your star is now complete! Place it atop your tree and switch on! As the LEDs are fed from the battery pack I also cable tied this on a branch where it’s hidden.


Congratulations! You’ve completed the first part of the #hamiltree! I also made baubles (cut out the logo from black sticky back plastic and stuck onto gold baubles, but my knife skills are that of a child and they looked awful!) and had the official gorgeous bauble from the merchandise stand at the London production.

Please send me photos of your #hamiltree I’m on twitter @ianmilleruk