Another Chari-tee? Sure! Why not?!

Some of you will know that last year via an interesting set of events I ended up having a small batch of t shirts printed up, which I then sold to raise money for cancer charities. Look on my much underused blog here to see the full story which includes Adam Hills, frog touching, gifts, twitter and demand! It raised nearly £600 and was a lot of fun to do. So much fun that I’ve decided to do it again, this time on purpose.

I’m readying things to go with a new design. It will still inspired by pop culture and like last year I’m collating some nice extra freebies to randomly insert into pre orders. What can I tell you about it? Well, I’ll say it’s inspired by the show/soundtrack/phenomenon that is HAMILTON.

Fingers crossed things will be ready to rock’n’roll soon, so why am I writing this now? If you want the first chance to see the design and place a pre order, do not throw away your shot! Make sure you join the mailing list below!

Speak soon all, Ian.