Ian’s Chari-tee 2018 – The Hamilton inspired charity t shirt

A yo-yo-ya-yo-yo!

For the second year I’m selling a limited edition chari-tee. This year’s t shirt is inspired by… wait for it… the musical/soundtrack/phenomenon that is HAMILTON. Designed for a fan who’s marginally obsessed with the show (me) for fans who are marginally obsessed with the show, get your tee to join the Yorktown Center for the Hamilton Obsessed. I know, you’re past patiently waiting, so I’m pleased to finally unveil the Chari-tee Hamil-tee. Whilst you look at the photos I will talk less, smile more.

Three fundamental truths.

  1. 100% of the profits from the sale of these tees will be split between Cancer Research UK and the Hispanic Federation UNIDOS (disaster relief and recovery program to support Puerto Rico following last year’s devastating hurricane).
  2. These tees not only showcase a love for Hamilton, but will have the design screen-printed for a long life on light and comfortable “heather” material (a mix of cotton and polyester).
  3. Buy a tee and shift the balance. Wear your tee knowing you’ve helped the people of Puerto Rico and aided research and support for the treatments of those affected by cancer.

Tees are now sold out. I won’t be having any more printed until nearer Christmas. Please join the mailing list below or follow me on social media (@ianmilleruk) to get a reminder when this happens!

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