The Hamilton Yorktown Chari-tee has raised over £1000! (plus join the waiting list)

You fanned this spark into a flame! Thank you all so much.

WOW! I still can’t believe how well received this little charity drive has been. It’s been a fun couple of months of interacting with so many fellow Ham addicts including the London cast (which is still blowing my tiny mind!). You’ve all been very generous and so lovely. I’ve tried to get tees out to everyone that wanted one, but this is still a very limited edition tee.

If you missed out this time I shall be doing more later in the year nearer to Christmas. I ask you join the mailing list (below) so I can send you a little reminder. Or you could follow me on a social channel. Whatever takes your fancy. For now I’m taking the summer as ‘me’ time, I need to focus on my health and wellbeing for a bit. Those who I’ve had to let down with tees for the moment have been very kind and understanding with this, sadly you will have to ‘wait for it’ just a little bit longer.

How much did we all raise? Click play below to find out!

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