How much did the 2018 Hamilton Chari-tee raise?

A fleeting thought just passed through my mind. Whilst I posted on my social media accounts, I never got around to publishing how much the Yorktown chari-tee’s and bags raised prior to Christmas here on my website.

Correcting that mistake now; can I share my undying gratitude to everyone who bought the regular tee, many of whom encouraged and then bought the limited “blue coat” version and the tote bags.

The initial sales of the original grey tee raised £1120 last spring. That was donated to UNIDOS (Puerto Rico Disaster Relief) and Cancer Research UK.

The pre-Christmas sales of the grey and blue tees, along with the tote bags raised an additional £500. That was split between Katies Art Project and Flamboyan Arts Fund.

In total… *quick maths in head* that meant the project raised £1620. With most of the charities being USA based, the £ to $ exchange rate was extremely favourable to those donations.

I’ve loved doing the tees over the last two years but I’ve decided to not do one in 2019. There are a few tees and bags leftover, but I need time to myself to help my health and wellbeing at the moment, so will be donating the products to charities (hopefully via the London cast) to make good use of.

Over and out! Keep your eyes open for different projects and fun things on my socials and here online.