A roundup about the Hamilton Yorktown Chari-tees

It’s been some time since the second round of the Yorktown tees and totes went on sale, and as the charity drive is now over it’s time to recap what happened, how much was raised, and also take the time to clean up my website from the many different blog posts about it!

Round 1

The first round of tee sales were incredible. This was just the grey tee. The London company were so supportive from the start – huge thanks to Tarinn and Cleve for helping to get things going.

The tees were printed at cost by my friends at Dark Bunny Tees – who sadly have since folded – on a light and sustainable poly cotton material. They went all over the world and raised £1120, which was split equally between Cancer Research UK and UNIDOS (Puerto Rico Disaster Relief).

Round 2

There was still demand, enough to allow me to take another risk at getting more ordered. I added in the ‘blue coat’ variant tee and the extra large tote bag. Once again the London company were extremely supportive. The awesome Tarinn, Cleve, Alex, and Jack especially helped get products around the cast.

There was no DBT to help this time and add in the falling pound on materials, the margins were lower. The grey tees remained on poly cotton, the blues on an even lighter poly cotton, and the tote bags made from fair trade cotton. A further £500 was raised and split equally between Katies Art Project and Flamboyan Arts Fund.

An extra special coda to the story

Round 2 was designed to run up to Christmas 2018, with the hope they’d be bought as gifts. Whilst they sold enough to turn the charity profits, there was some stock left. I reached out to the London company to see if there were any good causes they supported where they’d be of use.

And so the last twenty or so tees and handful of tote bags became part of the special one day only product line on the Hamilton stall at the West End Flea market earlier this year.

It was a gloriously sunny day and the crowds were out in force – it was near impossible to get near the Hamilton stall! They were selling some of the paper props from the show (Reynolds Pamphlets, Burr fliers, etc) framed up, signed posters, signed ticket sets, pieces of costumes, and my yorktown tees and totes. I myself bought a lovely frame with rehearsal score, show used drum sticks, and a signed Lack ticket.

I was a wonderful event and a personal delight to see people looking so happy at nabbing the yorktown tee (both in person and on twitter) and then seeing the totes be signed by the cast present. All in this helped the company raise just over £3000 for Acting for Others that day. The event in total across all the shows raised well over £10k. Truly amazing work, and what was better, everyone left with a smile.

So whilst I’ll never know exactly how much my design contributed on that day, I think it’s fair to say that it means the total raised by my little project over the entire year is over £2000. What’s more, I went to great lengths to ensure the products were all as eco-friendly and fair trade as possible. All the companies that made the base tees/bags and did the screen printing were UK based too, so every penny supported local trades. 

I’m not going to reprint these, at least, if I do it’s not going to be for some time or unless a there’s a really good reason to do so. So if you bought one, thanks for the support. Look around, look around at all the good they’ve done.

I’m not doing a chari-tee this year. I’m in desperate need to give myself and my health some time and attention. I’m working on a creative project that I’m hoping to share more about soon, so if you’d like to keep in touch, you can find me on Instagram and twitter @ianmilleruk.