Support West End Performers By Buying A Hamilton Inspired Yorktown Tote Bag – All Profits Go To Performers Charity

My LIMITED EDITION Hamilton inspired tote bag is back to raise funds to support our favourite performers in theatre! You can buy it on ETSY now!

These large shopper tote bags have long handles and are perfect for carrying your groceries, textbooks, and excessive amounts of quarantine loo roll! They will be printed to order, so please allow around four weeks for me to dispatch.

100% of the profits from sales of this limited edition tote bag will be donated to Acting For Others, to support their efforts with financial assistance of performers during the West End pandemic blackout and at other times.

None of us are going to the theatre, eating out, visiting the cinema currently. Every performer is now out of work and unpaid until this all blows over. For some their entire revenue stream is interrupted; many will have secondary work in areas such as specialist teaching, which now will also end.

The aim of these bags is to allow us to donate some of the money we’d be spending on tickets to a wonderful charity that supports these artists in times of financial dire straits. At the same time you’ll get a cool bag to show off that you’re a Hamilgeek and fan of theatre!

Yes. I said I wouldn’t print these again. But these are strange times. I can help by placing a print order and packing a few mailing bags. I will stuff as many bags in the mail as you order.

If you don’t want a bag, consider donating directly to Acting For Others or sharing the link to the products with friends and followers.

I’ve put some social media graphics below for you to save and use if you want to post! Please tag me @ianmilleruk so i can reshare!

Download social media graphics to help me promote this charity drive!

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