iansquareHello. My name’s Ian Miller, welcome to my website, home to updates on both my personal and professional activities.

Some of you would’ve found yourself landing here looking for my photography pages. For ten years I worked as a freelancer in the music industry, capturing photos of live shows and off-stage promo and documentary shots. I’ve worked with artists big and small directly, for labels, A&R, management companies and directly for magazines. My work was been published Worldwide online and in print media, on everywhere from grass-roots giants like DrownedInSound.com to publications like Rolling Stone magazine.

Life in the photography game also led me to be a writer. I somehow found myself working as a critic reviewing shows and albums and then writing profiles of artists from interviews that I had conducted. I’ve had most success as a writer with several cover articles being published – a point that bemuses as I didn’t deliberately set out down such a path.

The work and life associated with the industry was always mixed in fortunes, when things click and work there’s nowhere I’d rather be than standing at the front of a venue or festival stage taking photos of kick-ass-brilliant bands. But always you’re busting several guts and getting little sleep for little to no financial rewards. It took a toll and eventually it became unviable to continue in this field of work. Highlights of my work can be viewed on my photography page, or you can buy some prints at my online store.

Whilst I’m still – and always will be –  passionate about photography, my day job for all this time has been working in a prominent schools in East London. First as an ICT Technician/co-network manager, and then as a Multimedia Technician, overseeing websites, intranets, developing an internal online video system, managing a series of information displays and making films to both promote school initiatives and for use in lessons. Currently I’m working on Marketing (web, photo, video, ad campaigns and communication) at a new Sixth Form centre whilst simultaneously developing their use of technology with specific focus on iPads.

Alongside my video work in education, I’ve also created professional material for online consumption. Most notably developing some of the first content for whatsonstage.com and a series of ‘musical postcards’ for Clash Magazine.

I’ve dabbled in numerous areas of production, I love to create. I get a kick out of coding/designing websites, I’ve managed a hospital radio station, organised large events, directed technical crews on theatrical productions.. I like having many skills and strings to my bow. I’m a proud GEEK.

…SO. At this point I will stop babbling. You should now know a bit about who I am, what I’ve done and what I like. Can I thank you for landing here – however it is you’ve come to click onto the page – and hope you find something of interest. I will use this space to post updates on me (yawn.. i know), my projects and to share and comment on things that interest me. You might not agree with everything I publish, but that’s ok. The one thing people so often forget is that they’re allowed to have their own opinion, and so long as you’ll allow me to have mine, then all’s fine with the World.

Rock on,

Ian Miller