About Ian’s Chari-tee

In 2017 I made myself a tee based on one of Adam Hills’ comedy shows. It referenced the phrase “Touch the Frog” which in the routine relates to the ideal of not letting things get in the way of life and the things you’re asked to do; to always look for the opportunity to ‘touch the frog’ if something could ruin an experience.


Knowing I’d be seeing Adam live, I decided to make him one too as a thank you for making me laugh every week on The Last Leg and making the world seem a little less grim that it could be. A small gesture along with another (secret) gift. He loved my tee before I’d even told him he had one! A few months later he posted a thank you on twitter. And I was suddenly inundated with people wanting to know where to buy one.


I was truly touched by this. I thought, what would Adam do? Of course, he’d touch the frog. So with his blessing I decided to have a limited number printed and then sell them to raise money for charity. I was blown away by the experience. Every person who bought one and who got in touch was truly lovely. It made the work involved in planning and executing the project more fun and rewarding.


The touch the frog tee raised just under £600 and was split between Cancer Research UK and Maggie’s Centre’s.


Cut to 2018. I know my charity efforts are not going to be physical ones for a fair few years and armed with the positive experience decided to do a second tee. I fleshed the idea out and will try do repeat it annually with a new limited run pop culture inspired t shirt. First and foremost I’m sticking to my concept of designing something for myself and second splitting the cash between one cancer charity and one linked to a worthy cause associated with the property that inspires the design.


My aim is to raise a total of £2000 on these by the time I’m 40 (2020). If you’d like to know when the next design or next batch of stock is on sale, then please join the mailing list below. Otherwise, please visit the shop or browse the archive of designs.



Ian Miller

2018 Chari-tee: Yorktown Center for the Hamilton Addicted (Hamilton Inspired)

Round one of this year’s charitee has now finished. I will put more on sale nearer to Christmas 2018, please join the mailing list to be notified when this happens!

2017 Chari-tee: Touch The Frog (Adam Hills Inspired)

All in this tee raised just under £600 – but it could raise some more! There’s still four tees left to sell! Want one?

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