Video – Thriller Live Open Dance Auditions in London (2009)

A news report I created for back in 2009 that followed the open auditions for a world tour of Thriller Live! at the Urdang Academy in The Old Finsbury Town Hall, London. In the piece I showcased the first round of auditions and the more intense group teaching of the Thriller routine for those who made the second round. Featured are the shows director Gary Lloyd and interviews with dancer Jordan Darrell and those auditioning to be in the show.

About my What’s On Stage Work

For one year I worked as the editor for What’s On Stage TV – the site’s initial pivot towards video material to accompany their club magazine and written content, as well as provide advertising material to productions. This was early days for online video and plenty was learned by all involved, including the performers and PR agents, as to where content was heading before we had platforms such as Instagram and TikTok that now deliver content en masse to consumers worldwide. The work therefore is far from perfect and low in picture quality, but I present it both to show my journey as a creative and also demonstrate my work in learning as an early adopter of trends before they even happen!

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