Where can you still buy copies of the Almost Famous Stillwater Demos vinyl?

Before the Almost Famous Deluxe vinyl soundtracks were released last year, there was a smaller and more limited disc released for fans of Almost Famous to enjoy that feature demos of the original songs that form the songs of Stillwater – the featured band in the movie. This was a hidden gem amongst the 2021 Record Store Day drop.

Almost Famous Stillwater Demos – Record Store Day vinyl

The tracklist is the same that’s found on the final CD in the deluxe edition that followed. The vinyl disc is limited to 6800 copies. It’s presented on coloured red vinyl. Full release information can be found on Discogs along with a secondary retail market.

Side A
1. Love Comes And Goes (early version)
2. Fever Dog
3. Love Thing
4. Chance Upon You

Side B
!. Love Comes And Goes
2. You Had To Be There
3. Hour Of Need

The songs are demoed by Nancy Wilson (scored the movie and co-wrote the songs) and Peter Frampton (both musician on the final track and the film’s technical consultant who led Billy Crudup and Jason Lee through the “Rock School” process). It has to be said Nancy Wilson’s male rock vocal is remarkable, I initially did a double take believing it was Marti Fredericksen who was the final vocal double for Jeff Bebe.

As for the cover art. It features ink and pen drawings from the fictional animated CBS TV show “Stillwater and Friends” which formed part of the ongoing band mythology that took place after the film’s narrative ends. This fan has never seen these specific ink and pens reproduced before and I doubt they’ll be released again.

Links to remaining stock.

In the table below are direct links to the little remaining stock that I can find. If you know of other online places, let me know in the comments below. Prices vary, but much of what’s left is now heavily discounted. I’ll keep this updated. No to eBay! Support local and independent record stores!

Rough Trade UK£17.99
Vinilo Record Store£15
Drift Records (use code WTF50 to get price)£9.49
WH Smith £21.99
Crash Records£10
Assai Records£15.99
Pie and Vinyl Record Cafe£14.99
Head Records£23
South Records£22.99
Hundred Records£24.99

(I only provide links to retailers found, I bear no responsibility for the suppliers, their actions, or order fulfillment)

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